Amy Frearson: Top picks from 3 Days of Design

Amy Frearson:

Top picks from 3 Days of Design


For The New Era, design journalist and editor Amy Frearson shares her top pick from the 2024 edition of 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen. Her selections highlight the diverse and imaginative spirit of contemporary design, showcasing both emerging talents and established names in the Nordic design scene.


Amy Frearson

Amy Frearson 3 Days of Design NoDe


The House of Nordic Design’s exhibition was the place to find new talent during 3 Days of Design. Founder and curator Natalia Sánchez brought together 28 emerging designers from across the Nordic region to showcase their work in a loft atelier on Store Strandstræde. Furniture, objects and artworks were dotted around different rooms, with designs by Tale Berger Hølmebakk, Reeta Laine, Anton Mikkonen and Sissel Warringa among those featured. The domestic setting created opportunities for whimsical displays – a stool displayed atop a fridge freezer was a particular highlight – but a strong sense of materiality was a recurrent theme and left a lasting impression.

Amy Frearson 3 Days of Design NoDe

Amy Frearson 3 Days of Design Happy Sobriety Raawii

Happy Sobriety

At design gallery Etage Projects, young Danish brand Raawii celebrated an important milestone with an exhibition that was highly eclectic and, as a result, joyful to behold. Happy Sobriety marked the launch of the brand’s first chair, a collaboration with French designer Erwan Bouroullec. A serious piece of industrial design, Arba is a lounge chair made for the work-from-home generation, with the ability to bend and rotate as if it were a task chair. The exhibition was contrastingly lighthearted, featuring a playful assemblage of colourful products and artworks. These included personal contributions from Bouroullec, ranging from abstract graphic prints to tree branches collected from his home in Burgundy.

Crafting Plastic

A solo exhibition from Danish furniture designer Kasper Kyster posed a reframing of plastic, suggesting it should be viewed as a valuable craft material rather than something disposable. Crafting Plastics is a series of furniture pieces made from PETG, a thermoplastic that comes in 2mm-thick sheets. Kyster developed a method of heating and folding this plastic, resulting in irregular lengths that can be joined together in the same way. The results include chairs, tables, a shelving unit and a lamp, each boasting a ghostly semi-transparency. Kyster even went as far as making the exhibition signage out of this material, demonstrating its potential for wider use.

Amy Frearson 3 Days of Design Crafting Plastic Kasper Kyster

Amy Frearson 3 Days of Design Crafting Plastic Kasper Kyster