Dux and Carl Hansen & Son joins forces for Stockholm design week




During Stockholm Design Week 2021 Dux is set to launch a new collaboration with furniture brand Carl Hansen & Son, further establishing their belief that collaboration is key on a fierce market. ”More than ever before, we believe this is a great time to collaborate,” says Anna Back Jansson, Head of design and marketing at Dux. 

During Stockholm design week, scheduled to open 8th of February next year, they will collaborate with Carl Hansen on a joint exhibition as well as a new piece of furniture. ”We have an open mind set and at the moment we are discussing a number of innovative ways to explore an exhibition if you can't visit it physically,” explains Anna Back Jansson. 

Dux Beds

Originally launched by Efraim Ljung in 1926, Dux has a long history of producing beds. Today it is run by the fourth generation Ljung family and its innovative mattress technology can be found all over the world, be it luxury hotels or seating in cars or trains.


Karolina Modig

Dux has a string of successful exhibitions behind them, most recently The Artist Residency in collaboration with Danish design brand Menu in February 2020. During the exhibition Dux launched a re-edition of their Domus armchair, updated by Norm architects. This autumn the series is extended with a stool and a side table.

“Our collaboration with Norm Architects is now in stores, including the new additions to the Domus series and the headboard Anna, which was the first product they designed for us” says Back Jansson.

DOMUS Stool by Norm Architects for DUX

DUX entered autumn with a strong growth despite the pandemic, and a set of new reflections in regards to local manufacturing.

“This spring really taught us the advantage of having many of our suppliers within a close reach,” Back Jansson says. ”When many were struggling with international deliveries, we were able to keep the production running.”

DOMUS side table by Norm Architects for DUX

Like most companies, the pandemic have forced Dux to re think the way they communicate and meet their clients and retailers.

”We have have had to look for new platforms to reach our costumers on, so it's easy for them to buy our products online, and we have worked on our digital strategies and focused more on social media than before. These things were underway anyway, but the pandemic speeded it up.”

”More than ever before, we believe this is a great time to collaborate,”