String Furniture focused on new needs




Increasingly companies are adapting their offer to a growing number of people working from home due to the pandemic. Swedish String Furniture is no different and this spring the company is extending its offer of adjustable desks, focusing on the changing needs of the home.

“In the beginning of next year we will launch more work desks and extend our range around electrical sit/stand desks with four versions of a fixed sit desk. Overall, we have a strong portfolio to match the rising demand regarding workspace and home office in particular,” says Peter Erlandsson, co-founder at String Furniture.


In 1949 Nisse and Kajsa Strinning's contribution to Bonnier's bookshelf competition was selected as the winner among 194 countries. Since then their iconic shelf system has been installed in places such as the UN Head Quarters in New York City and National Museum in Stockholm. 


Karolina Modig

The famous String shelving system, designed in 1949 by Kajsa and Nils Strinning, is still the main focus for the brand, but in recent years the company has worked on broadening its range to include problem solving products for more rooms, including bathrooms, kitchens, halls and children's rooms.

”The initiative to expand our assortment to function in the entire home has been very well received’’, says Erlandsson, pointing at the new range of accessories which includes hooks, hanger racks, knife holders and magazine holders. Earlier this year the company also launched a new String Pocket which comes with two panels and three shelves, as well as a new String Pocket Metal in a selection of colours.

”The initiative to expand our assortment to function in the entire home has been very well received”

Their collaboration with design and architecture studio TAF has also been fruitful. Initiated in 2018 when String Furniture were commissioned to produce their console shelf for the reopening of the Nationalmuseum in Sweden, it has now resulted in two new products for String. 

The shelf Museum is made from textured, coated aluminium and the Museum Side Table is a height-adjustable pedestal table developed from the wall shelf.

In 2019 The Swedish Nationalmuseum opens after several years of renovations. TAF architect studio designs a console shelf Museum for the museum's bust collection and String Furniture produces it. Museum by String Furniture is born and becomes part of String Furniture product portfolio.