Interior decorator Lotta Agaton interprets the interior mood for AW 20/21

Interior decorator Lotta Agaton interprets the interior mood for AW 20/21


AW 20/21 Sculptural
By Lotta Agaton

"This season is all about detoxing. We are detoxing our minds as well as our homes, and we re-evaluate the objects we live with, giving each item space to breathe. We pay more attention to quality, and look for the sculptural and organic, shapes that inspire us – in art, graphics, craft, fashion and architecture. We see the small details in our lives and our homes and cherish them.

After a year of uncertainty, our homes have become more sacred to us. They are our shelters. We re-evaluate everything around us; where we live, the function of the room where we socialise and the furniture and objects we have picked for it. We also re-evaluate how we spend our time; where and with who, and for what purpose. Our new relationship to time is reflected in all our choices. It’s not about being quick or slow, but about taking and appreciating the time needed. We are happy to save up for the things we want to live with, and we are happy to wait for them to be produced."

01. Poster for Moderna Museet, Stockholm, by John Melin and Anders Österlin in 1960. They worked as a team and were referred to as ‘anden’ and ‘handen’ – ‘the spirit and the hand’. 02. Usonian chairs by Frank Lloyd Wright. 03. Connection stoneware vessels by Sophie ceramics. 04. Portrait by fashion photographer Sergio Kurhajec. 05. vintage Exterior light made for a building in Chandigarh by le Corbusier. Now in production by Nemo, each lamp is handcrafted and small aesthetic differences make each unique. 06. the Walnut house by Adam Kane Architects is under construction in Australia, inspired by a sole walnut tree.

07. Graphic poster BY Violaine & Jérémy studio. 08. house façade BY Aim architects. 09. Plau chair by Gabriele and Oscar ­Buratti for Tecno. 10. Console table by Aldo Bakker, in production with Karakter, but also available as a limited-edition piece for Studio Twentyseven, with 30 layers of Urushi on the surface – a very complex lacquer where each layer needS to polished by hand. The process requires slowness, awareness and time. 11. Sculpture by Åsa Stenerhag.

"A season for clarity of thought. A season for the unique, sculptural and well crafted. We are re-evaluating our relationship to time, to home and to ourselves."

12. Graphics by Ateljé Altmann. 13. detail from the office of Andreas Martin-Löf Arkitekter, captured by Erik Lefvander. 14. detail from a sculpture by Swedish artist Eva Lange. 15. image by fashion photographer Julia Hetta. 16. Frama’s new ­ Richardt Chair has a very organic feel and matches The brand’s tactile way of working.

17. Capturing shape and form – image by fashion photographer Julia Hetta. 18. Altmann grotesk Typeface by ateljé altmann. 19. Artwork by Åsa Stenerhag. 20. Dahlem sofa BY Dmitriy & Co, a New York-based contemporary furniture and upholstery studio dedicated to craftsmanship.

21. Ceiling details paying tribute to the original building, BY Andreas Martin-Löf Arkitekter, captured by Erik Lefvander. 22. Skilled craftsman Daniel Wester carves desirable objects, often made as beautiful spoons. 23. Lounge chair by Marcel Breuer, a poetic form designed in 1930. 24. Orsetto dining table by Martin Massé in travertine. The soft-edged table comes in a series of 12 for Kolkhoze. 25. The Nordic Pavilion in Venice, by Norwegian architect Sverre Fehn, beautifully captured by Åke E:son Lindman.