7 Norwegian retreats picked by stylist Per Olav Sølvberg



WORDS Jonna Dagliden Hunt

It all started with the book Familiesirkus where he shared styling tips for kids’ rooms – now Per Olav Sølvberg, a father of four based in Bergen, is an international acclaimed stylist with work for a wide range of clients including furniture company Northern, interior magazine Bo Bedre, bedding company Abate, artisan soap makers Fitjars Islands and Oslo Design Fair. His Instagram-account is full of breathtaking sceneries from Norway in harmony with his signature interiors. Sølvberg grew up on Måløy, an island where the fishing community is still active, and he still finds inspiration in the stormy landscape that surrounded him. We asked him to pick 7 remote Norwegian retreats that stand out in its beautiful surroundings.

Portrait photographed by Ragnar Omarsson

Haugesund, Norway

At the far end of the coast outside Haugesund you can explore the brand new Flokehyttene. Run by Haugesund Turistforening, they are built to naturally slide into the landscape and to bring the guests close to nature. The cabins are self-served and fits five people. Don’t fear bad weather – they are built to handle a hurricane.

Photography by Dag Sandven

Juvet Landskapshotell,
Valldal, Norway

Set on a steep hill in a nature reserve amongst birch, aspen, pine and nature-sculpted boulders above the Valldøla River on the Norwegian northwest coast, Juvet is one of Norway most unique hotel experiences. The seven detached guest rooms seem modest at first sight, but the stunning views of nature that greet you through the panoramic windows make it outstanding. There are plenty of nature activities to take part in – nearby you will fine the famous route Trollstigen and UNESCO world heritage area Geiranger.

Odda, Hardanger fjord, Norway

These two luxury treehouses overlook the magnificent world famous Hardangerfjorden in the town of Odda. They offer panoramic views of the snow-capped mountains and are equipped with electricity, a small kitchenette, high speed wifi, a flushing toilet and shower. Each of them fit four people and you couldn’t be closer to nature – a tree trunk lives inside the structure in the middle of the treehouse.

Photography by Samuel Taipale

Naustet Stokkøya, 
Stokkøya, Norway

Located at the beautiful Island Stokkøya directly on the beachfront, you’ll find this spectacular luxurious and unique boat house. It comes with a spacious kitchen, perfect for foodies who can either be served by the arranged chefs or make up their own meal. There are four loft beds inside and a lounge with fireplace. The island is perfect for diving or fishing – you are encouraged to catch your own dinner and prepare it in the outdoor kitchen. There is also a private sauna and hot tub overlooking the sea.

Photography by Ivar Kvaal

Null meter over havet, 
Hordaland, Norway

Null meter over havet is a cabin built zero metre above sea-level, just outside the city of Bergen. The cabin fits four people and is self-served without any facilities, but a view more beautiful than you can ever imagine. Run by the association with the same name founded by architect Per Erik Aadland, the vision is to create cabins accessible from sea in kayaks, sailing boats or rowing boats (not motor boats.)

Photography by Per Olav Sølvberg/ Adrian Pedersen

Steinsholt, Norway

Only a short drive from Oslo, retreat Laagen consists of five glass containers and a treetop cabin that fit four people each, as well as a workshop hub. There are stunning panoramic views of the river and woods. The Laagen valley offers plenty of nature activities, such as hiking, and electric biking.

Photography by Per Olav Sølvberg

The arctic hideaway,
Lake Immeln, Sweden

Founded by jazz musician and composer Håvard Lund, the Arctic Hideaway is an architecturally stunning collection of five individual eco-friendly cabins on the remote Norwegian island of Sørværet. You can either share the space or rent the entire facility, including kitchen, studio, bathrooms, sauna, and all five cabins (up to ten beds). Guests visiting from around September have a chance of spotting the Northern Lights.