Lynk & Co wants to disrupt the car industry – opens community hub in Gothenburg




The global mobility brand Lynk & Co has opened its first showroom in central Gothenburg, west coast of Sweden – also the home of older sibling, Volvo. It follows the opening in Amsterdam with plans of launching more showrooms across Europe. The space is not an ordinary car showroom, rather a community hub where everything down to the cutlery, sofa and chairs are for sale. ”Each partner was chosen because they aligned with the things that are important to Lynk: creativity, sustainability, and uplifting our communities,” the brand states.

Although almost hidden, there is a Lynk & Co car on show. The metal display table is a recycled car. 


Lynk & Co is a Chinese-Swedish automobile brand owned by Geely Automobile Holdings, founded in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2016. Lynk & Co car members can access a car on a flexible, month-to- month basis and share with friends, family, and the Lynk & Co community. The showroom/community hub recently opened in central Gothenburg and is open to the public.


Jonna Dagliden Hunt

Some of the local designers and artisans represented on site currently include coffee roasters Bergstrands, ceramist Kajsa Cramer and denim brand Adnym. There is also a coffee bar, plenty of meeting rooms and of course, a Lynk & Co car. That is not the focus however, when the pandemic eases off the hub will be open for gigs, film viewings and art exhibitions.

So how come a car brand chooses a business model with a focus everything besides cars? According to its ceo Alain Visser they want to reduce the amount of cars sold, in preference for monthly memberships. He describes the car industry as an ”Extremely unsustainable business”, and Lynk & Co wants to disrupt the market. 

Besides curated design and fashion, there is a sauna, speakeasy and a pink dressing room inside the Lynk & Co hub.

”According to research 10 percent of car buyers wants something radically different. There is no car brand for the 10 percent. It’s a marginal group, but still a lot of people. If there is only one brand for the 10 percent, why not us?,” Visser says as he guides through the showroom digitally in central Gothenburg, ”We care about the planet, and want to provide an experience. We want to disrupt an industry that hasn’t cared. It is a revolution from within. There are enough people out there open for something different.”

The Lynk & Co hub can be found on Ekelundsgatan 4 in Gothenburg.

”We care about the planet, and want to provide an experience. We want to disrupt an industry that hasn’t cared. It is a revolution from within.”

CEO Alain Visser has worked for car brands such as Ford, General Motors and Volvo. The Lynk & Co business model is completely different. "Only way to get things to change in the industry is to set up the business with non car people," he says, mentioning employees from fashion, retail and design at Lynk & Co.