Ten things we recommend this week




French interior designer Pierre Yovanovich launches a large furniture collection, Front investigates mirrors at Galerie Kreo and Matti Klenell’s exhibition Stay Here A While is finally open. We share ten favourites from the last two weeks.


Hanna Nova Beatrice

Crafted elegance

French interior designer Pierre Yovanovitch launch a 45 piece furniture and lighting collection under his own name. The new brand will combine the designer’s signature know-how, made in collaboration with Europe’s finest craftspeople, and his practice will oversee all aspects from the design, production, and worldwide sales in-house. “At the core of my design work is my strong relationship with some of the best specialty artisans in France and Switzerland, and they have all had a key role in developing the new collection, Yovanovitch says.

Art deco love

The new carpet collection from Nordic Knots, called Art Deco, takes inspiration from the Swedish grace era in three different rug designs. The rugs in the collection are eye catching pieces, intended to be used as a solitary piece with lots of breathing space around.

The history of Mirrors

Highlighting the importance of research to move design forward, design studio Fronts most recent collaboration with Paris based Galerie Kreo is based around the history of mirrors. The exhibition Seven stories about Mirrors opened in Paris last week and investigate how the mirror has changed its function, materiality, value, and status over time. “From the first stone mirror made 8,000 years ago, the history of mirrors has been laced with magic and poetry, luxury and vanity, myth and faith, medieval industrial espionage and modern psychology,” states Anna Lindgren and Sofia Lagerkvist of Front. 

Dandy's new dress

”We wanted to dress the sofa in much the same way we dress ourselves”, says fashion duo Fanny Ekstrand and Linn Eklund behind the online journal Hobnob. Their limited edition version of Massproductions bestselling sofa Dandy is upholstered in the fabrics Vidar and Pilot, both designed by Raf Simons for Kvadrat.

Reusing glass

Finish design brand Iittala are extending their collection 100% Recycled Edition to include seven more objects from their standard line. Their goal is to recycle or reuse all their glass waste to manufacture new glass products before 2030, and they are currently working hard to develop the new production methods and expertise needed. 

Stay Here

The world is slowly opening up and with it many anticipated exhibitions. Swedish designer Matti Klenell’s exhibition Stay Here A While, spanning his entire career, is a thoughtful look at his design processes and collaborations, investigating the importance of place in his work. Stanna här en stund /Stay Here A While is the perfect summer detour to Karlstad, showing at Värmlands museum in Sweden 17/5-31/10.

Phoenix life cycle

Luca Nichetto’s chair Phoenix launched four years ago, with every detail carefully thought through and adhering to Offeccts Life cicle philosophy. The series is now extended with a flexible table, crafted from durable recycled aluminum, with components that can easily be replaced and recycled. The launch is accompanied by a book, which is a new strategy from Offecct, highlighting and sharing the care and time that lies behind each of their designs. 

For the love of wood

Using wood is not uncomplicated and the forestry industry and the various decisions made about wood around the world deeply affect the design industry and our environment. Formafantasma’s exhibition Cambio investigating the international forestry industry has now moved to Museo Pecci in Prato, Italy. For anyone with a further interest in wood, Disegno has made an excellent podcast series about wood and its implications in collaboration with Ahec Europe.

Occhio Sweden

German high end lighting company Occhio is opening its first store in Stockholm, Sweden, catering for picky consumers, interiors architects and lighting designers alike. The store offers a great way to understand and learn more about the possibilities of good light and the effects it has on a room. Founded in 1999 by Axel Meise, the Occhio store in Sweden is run by Aloud, leading Nordic specialist on intelligent homes.

Candy Store

Swedish studio Aska has completed the interior for Maria Nila hair salon in Stockholm using organic shapes and pastel hues, with an eye catching plexiglass installation at the entrance.