The rise of time honoured sources




"Library of possibilities" by Jenny Nordberg

Do we still need independent platforms? What role does a printed magazine fill in todays fast paced world? Has the growing reliance on social media as a marketing tool sparked a backlash? The exhibition Printed Matters, curated by The New Era Magazine, is a celebration of the printed magazine and the dedication it takes to make it come alive. It’s also a comment on the importance of the independent platform investing time and effort to publish work by established and new talent to make it available for a wider audience. 

“If we don’t invest in this, there are soon no independents left and all the content we read is paid for,” says Hanna Nova Beatrice, founder and creative director of The New Era Magazine. 


Printed Matters, Galleri 22, Blekingegatan 22, Stockholm.
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Hanna Nova Beatrice

Erik Undéhn

Floor lamp and shelf by Jonathan Nilsson
Model and furniture by Ateljé Ö

Shelf by Henrik Ødegaard / wall art work by Evelina Kroon / Stool by Mattias Selldén

 If the world of fashion is anything to go by, there seem to be a backlash towards the quick and fast-paced. When Daniel Lee, creative director of luxury fashion house Bottega Veneta, shut down the brand’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts earlier this year it caused a storm. “Social media represents the homogenisation of culture,” said Lee, speaking to The Guardian about his decision to launch the digital journal Issue instead. “Everyone sees the same stream of content. A huge amount of thought goes into what I do, and social media oversimplifies it.” When fashion brand Loewe created its digital spring/summer fashion show, it did so to prove a point: the catwalk was set against a backdrop of printed newspapers, stating the importance of the physical platform. For the launch, Loewe also created a supplement to go with all the big international newspapers. Perhaps it’s all in line with Hugo Macdonalds conclusion in his article ‘Reconnecting with our roots’ in ISSUE 02 of T–N–E: “The more complex the forces that govern our lives become, the more we crave comfort from comprehensible, time-honoured sources.” 

Glass by Rasmus Nossbring

”We want to show the immense dedication that goes into publishing an independent quality magazine, and the number of people it actually involves”

Stool by Mattias Sellden

Textile art works by Diana Orving

The exhibition Printed Matters showcase work from some of the artists and makers that have been or will be published in The New Era Magazine. “We want to show the immense dedication that goes into publishing an independent quality magazine, and the number of people it actually involves,” says Eleonore Anderson, art director of the magazine. “We push Scandinavian design, interiors, architecture and craft and bring it to an international audience in 30 countries.”

The exhibition features work from Evelina Kroon, Diana Orving, Rasmus Nossbring, Jenny Nordberg, Mattias Sellden, Jonatan Nilsson, Åsa Stenerhag, Ateljé Ö and Henrik Ødegaard.  

Art work by Evelina Kroon